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Luxurious Dubai

By Amanda Couzens-Davies on 31st March 2014

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    We totally adored Dubai! I visited on my honeymoon but we did have to keep any over the top affection out of the way following a big read of the guide book!  As this is a Muslim country you have to ensure you follow local laws. We arrived during Ramadan so music couldn’t be played outside during this important festival. You are also asked not to eat in public places, but again this wasn’t an issue.  We only had a three day visit but we are so keen to go back that I think we are going again this year and as we rarely return to the same country we may try Abu Dhabi this time!

    I loved the service in Dubai. If you like the service in the US then this is a country for you. The hotels tend to be vast and there are lots of staff. You go out to the pool and the door is held open for you. Nothing is ever too much trouble and there is always someone on hand to help you. At our hotel around the pool due to the scorching weather you were offered cool towels and ice lollies every hour or so. I spent a lot of my time reading in the pool due to the heat but if you like it hot you can’t get hotter than Dubai ,year round it is glorious but we went at a particularly scorching August time.

    My favourite visits whilst we were there were the water park at The Atlantis which was just super! There is even a water slide that goes through an aquarium with sharks in it and there is another that is a 90 degree sheer drop which I wimped out of.

    The Burj Al Arab was breath taking, a wondrous palace of sumptuousness. We took the lift up to the restaurant that is at the top of the building and overlooks Dubai. As the staff had been made aware by our hotel that we were on our honeymoon I was given a rose and a hand written card at the end of the meal which was a lovely touch. We had a stunning view at a table by the window and after dinner we were able to move to another wondrous view in the bar. There was a neon lit modern tunnel as you enter the restaurant and it was like nowhere we have ever been before.

    The Dubai mall was amazing, totally full of all of the top stores, and of all things in 40 degree heat outside there is a ski slope inside! We treated ourselves to some gorgeous ice cream and ate it in the taxi it was some of the best ice cream I have ever had!

    Last but not least of top things to do we did a dolphin experience. How amazing is that! Our dolphin was called Lisa and she was beautiful! I always think dolphins look and seem really happy. We got to pose holding Lisa and kiss her. Her skin felt like really thick dry rubber which was weird as she is obviously in the water. This was a real highlight paid for as a gift from one of our wedding guests.

    If you love luxury, Dubai will end up with a special place in your heart. People think that because it is man-made it will lack in some way but it has stunning, clean beaches and none of the raucous behaviour you sometimes get in other tourist led countries. 


    Amanda Couzens-Davies

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    • Amanda Couzens-Davies says

      Hi Neil, You will find that some places that would normally have music playing outdoors won't because of Ramadan and sometimes you can't take your drinks outside where you may of been able to before but on the whole it didn't effect us was still very busy and a great experience! Have a great time! Make sure to check out the water park at the Atlantis, Nobu and the dolphin experience at the Atlantis if you have chance!

    • neil says

      Great post... i'm going in July. .. can't wait! Did Ramadan affect you much?

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