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Five, okay, maybe six things to do in New York City

By Amar Sejpal on 6th May 2014

    Five, okay, maybe six things to do in New York City image

    With four days in between buildings flickering with those Broadway bulbs, the streets bustling with meat vendors and NY’ers that authentically mispronounce coffee as 'cawfee', I was ready to take a bite out of this apple. 

    Although avoid the bruised apple of Bloomingdales, a store with the worst customer service ever. The customer assistants either couldn't ignore you more or oppositely couldn't sing your instructions any more. There's no compromise.

    1) A musical afternoon 

    Head to 42nd on Broadway in the morning to attempt for rush hour tickets to watch a Broadway show. You'll be queuing among other bargain hunters, where the first 40 people get stall tickets to certain shows for around $40, rather than paying $300 for the top tickets.

    After a 99c pizza slice from a hole in the wall vendor, I went to watch the matinee performance of Aladdin. It was so good that I cried - the performance not the pizza. 

    2) A night out in Hell's Kitchen

    Depending on what you're looking for, NYC nightlife has a lot to offer. Taking recommendations from local rainbow flag-wearing bears, I tried Flaming Straddles - a gay Coyote Ugly basically. Here I experienced hours worth of popular country music, enjoying a beer and the bar men dancing on the tables. However if you're not a fan of people dancing with their shoes on your table, then this might be a bit offensive for you.

    Alternatively, if you're single and looking for a married man or simply enjoy a game of drag bingo, then Posh Bar is your draw. No, okay, well instead try Therapy or Industry. Both bars have great bar service and enough space to try PCD's Buttons choreography.

    3) Picnic at Central Park and take loose change

    Something I wasn't expecting in the middle of a city like this was Central Park... And getting mugged by Big Bird!

    Take a stroll around the different areas of Central Park and a suggestion would be to take a picnic with you and find a high rock to eat upon. Another suggestion would be to NOT take a picture with Big Bird who's floating around the park, ready to take $5 for a measly picture 

    4) Stroll across Brooklyn Bridge then walk to China Town and Little Italy

    Ensuring that you've done the usual NYC stops like the Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Centre, I recommend taking time to walk up and down Brooklyn Bridge.

    Approximately 1.8km each way, the bridge is covered in messages and sentimental padlocks worth seeing. On your route back you would've burned a few calories, enough to enjoy a cream cannoli in Little Italy, which will serve as more energy to explore China Town - a place where you will be grabbed by older Chinese men who will give you sample massages as you walk to tempt you into a full body massage.

    5) Greasy spoons and sloppy burgers

    'Can I get a plate of friend chicken, a cheesy hamburger, chips and extra grease on the buns please ma'am!?' Dining at a typical diner is staple to the traditional American culture. Not to forget that eating chicken sticks from street vendors and grabbing a 99c pizza from a hole in the wall type place, is also a taste to be experienced. 

    Applejacks is a great diner to try. 

    6) Wooster Street Social Club

    If you've ever thought about getting a tattoo, then this would be the place to do it. The infamous New York Ink or Wooster Street Social Club is a drop-in parlour but gets busy so go in the morning and go under the needle.

    The cast of New York Ink are the members of staff who will make you feel at ease, plus you can take selfies with them. Win win.


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