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5 Things To Do In Amsterdam On King's Day

By Hannah Kacary on 1st May 2014

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    1) Dress in orange; the more the better

    Holland's national colour is orange, so what else would you expect for the Dutch holiday of King's Day? Dress yourself, and even your dog or cat, in orange from head to toe, and become part of the orange sea that flood the streets on King's Day. If you're really getting into the spirit why limit yourself to just orange clothes? Don a wig and some orange sunglasses, and don't forget the Dutch flag face paint! 

    2) Dance to some live music

    Visit Amsterdam on King's Day and you won't find yourself far away from some live music. This may take the form of some children busking with a recorder or fiddle (they were good!) or, more likely, a stage along one of Amsterdam's streets which has been specially constructed for the occasion. The stages offer live bands and DJs which are sure to get you dancing and singing loudly. 

    3) Zip wire across the canal

    For those of you after something a bit different the canal zip wire is for you! The zip wire has been a King's Day activity for the last two years and can be found along the Western section of Prinsengracht street. For 2 Euros you can hop aboard the zip wire and cross the canal in a very different way. Just hold on tight – the canal isn't the nicest water for a swim!

    4) Ride down the canal on a boat

    If you're lucky enough to know someone with a boat don't turn down the opportunity to hop aboard! The canals are chock-a-block on King's Day, and you'll never find sitting in traffic so fun. Boats of all sizes fill the canals on King's Day, blasting out music and making those without a boat feel a bit jealous.

    If you can't get space on someone's boat there's an alternative solution. A section of canal near the zip wire is blocked off by two large floating containers. Although they don't move, you can take a seat on them to make you feel as though you're on cruising down the canals too.

    5) Drink a Heineken

    After all, it would almost be rude not to enjoy a can of Holland's own beer on their national holiday!


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